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Welcome to MILAMIRA.COM – wedding dress online boutique offering dreamy ethereal gowns for fashion forward brides. Designer wedding dresses for bohemian, intimate and classic weddings.

Started as Etsy seller in 2015, our wedding dresses are now recognized and sold in bridal shops worldwide.

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Our Brides Say



I had a custom wedding dress made by Milamira, and I cannot begin to even describe how happy I am with their work. First of all, their craftsmanship is incredible- with such attention to detail, I was in awe of the delicateness of their sewing- plus the quality of their fabrics and lace exceeded my expectations! You can tell they put in a lot of love into their brand, since even their packaging was beautiful, and they sent a lovely garment bag as well!! In addition, ordering online causes a lot of anxiety- not being able to try on (or even see) the dress definitely had me panicked, and I sent them SO many questions. They were so quick to respond, and really made me feel at ease with great advice and even sent me pictures. I feel so lucky to have found such wonderful designers and dressmakers!



I’m Shuyun from Singapore, you made a beautiful custom Agnia dress for me a while back. Just wanted to share with you some pictures from our October wedding, feel free to use them for your portfolio! The dress was just absolutely perfect and I felt so incredibly happy and beautiful in it on the day. Thank you so much for being a part of our forever special memories!



Our wedding was absolutely wonderful! We eloped to the Isle of Skye, Scotland, and couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day! The dress tied in perfectly with the fantastical backdrop of the highlands! It was just us, and our photographers Dylan and Joanna Kitchener exploring the moss and sheep covered cliff sides! Here are some images of the big day, can’t thank you enough for the perfect dress!



The dress is breathtaking – it’s even more beautiful in real. I love the fabric, the color, the details … Everything basically! It fits perfectly, it’s as if the dress has been made just for me. Thank you again for everything, it couldn’t be better. The color of the belt perfectly matches my flower crown. I loved the way the dress was wrapped – I really have nothing to complain about. Keep up the good work. If only we had such good bridal gown designers in France!



My dress was everything I ever dreamed. It truly was my dream dress. I felt like the most beautiful bride. My dress matched my desired look of being ethereal. It went perfectly with the scenery as we got married in the woods right near the water at Wolfe’s Neck State Park. One of my friends said she didn’t really even see me walking down the wooden path because all she could focus on was my dress gliding over the forest floor — her words not mine. I can never thank you enough for making me feel so special on a day we waited for a decade to celebrate. My love to you all!

Our photographer did a wonderful job and I think she captured the beauty of the Icidora gown well!
We are very happy! Thank you for the well wishes! Eternally grateful to you all for helping make our day so special.

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